Reduced Commission Listings

Full-Service Reduced Commission Listings

Have you been looking for a Full-Service Real Estate Company without the Full-Service Cost?
Well … Congratulations!  You Found US!
Reduced Commissions:
 At NextHome Select Realty, all of our Agents have the ability to negotiate Commission Rates.  Are you interested in a Lower Commission Schedule (5%, 4%, 3%) or a Flat Rate?  At NextHome Select we have the ability to beat any competitor’s rates … Yes, that’s right Any Competitor’s Rates!  The reason is simple … we don’t waste your money on lush offices and needless overhead that does not help sell your property.  If we are selling your home, why would you need to come to our office???  Our Agents come to you to provide a FREE Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your property to ensure that your price your property right to Sell Fast and for the Highest Amount attainable.  We also offer a FREE Staging Analysis to ensure that your property is ready to make the best First Impression possible to bring the highest Sales Price.
 Variable Rate Commissions:
A Variable Rate Commission is a Lower Commission Rate when there is no other Agent involved in the transaction.  The Agents of NextHome Select offer a Discounted Variable Rate commission in the event they sell the property themselves.  This equals more savings in your pocket!
Full-Service Only:
Just because our Costs are Reduced doesn’t mean that are services are.  In fact, regardless of the Lower Commission Schedule, NextHome Select does not perform any Limited Service Listings.  You know these scams.  The Agent sells you on a Low Cost, places a sign in your yard and you never hear from them again.  You can’t find your home or the company on the internet.  You are left to take your own Calls, Schedule your own Showings, Screen potential Buyers, Negotiate the Transactions, Escort the Home Inspector, Pest Inspector & Appraiser, Perform your own Final Walk-Through and Coordinate your own Closing.  Not such a deal is it?  Even with our Lower Cost, we offer nothing but Full-Service Listings.  We take care of all the details for you!
 Personal Touch:
Don’t be fooled with the Big Offices promises to provide office staff as a perk!  Take Your Pick Below
What would you rather have on your side (Scenario A) or (Scenario B)?
Scenario A:  Big offices charge you more so they can pay an answering service to answer calls about your property.  In many cases, these personnel; have never been in your home and do not know any of the special features, do not have a real estate license and are; therefore, barred from answering certain questions, are only available during typical weekly office hours, after which an answering machine takes over.
Scenario B:  At NextHome Select we charge less and our Agents; have been in your home and know exactly how to sell all the Special Features, have a Real Estate License and can answer all of the Buyer’s questions, and our Agents are available to Answer Their Own Phone Calls  24/7/365.
No Hassle Contracts:
Ever been locked into a lengthy contract with poor service and the only way out is through Penalties and Hassles? Our No Hassle Contracts are exactly as they state; “No Hassle.”  At NextHome Select, every one of our Agents has the Freedom to customize Programs to fit each individual Client based on Service Needs and Cost. We promise to communicate our Services and our Rates up front and if you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us and we will:
Make It Right
Release your Contract without Penalties or Hassles
That’s right; No Penalties or Hassles!
Top-Shelf Marketing:
At NextHome Select, we know that the quality of our Marketing is directly proportional to our Success in Selling your property.  For this reason, we take pride in our Cutting-Edge Marketing Tools, our constant monitoring of Marketing Effectiveness and our responsiveness to Potential Buyers.  One such marketing tool is our Internet Blasting Technology.  We push your property information to Local and National MLSs and all the Major Real Estate Search Engines:
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